Back 2 Back Wins For Heath at Skagit Speedway

05/24/2015 By Kaleb Hart

Alger, WA – For the second straight week at Skagit Speedway, Colton Heath stood tall in victory lane after a 26 lap victory in the 360 division. The win capped a fantastic night of racing at Skagit Speedway, as drivers competed in the John Carroll Classic presented by IRI. Joining Heath in claiming the stylish John Carroll Classic trophies were Jason Solwold in the 410 division, Geoff Needham in the Sportsman Sprints and Brandon Berg in the Outlaw Tuners.


In the finale’ of the evening, Heath led wire to wire to grab his second win in as many weekends in the 360 division. Heath was the quick qualifier on the evening and by virtue of a zero invert, started from the pole. Colton beat Tayler Malsam into turn one and led the entire race with Malsam and Travis Rilat taking turns pressuring Heath through traffic. Heath would consistently make the right decision, and appeared to have the win sewed up when the race went caution on lap 23. Rilat had advanced to second and pressured Colton on the restart, but Heath held him off and again looked to have the race won when a red flag occurred for Cale Brooke, Travis Jacobson and Matt Jensen who tangled. With the 24th lap finished, the race would go green-white-checkered again and finish on the 26th lap for the second straight week. Heath was again up to the task, turning Rilat away one more time before crossing under the checkered flag first. Rilat would settle for second with Malsam holding off a very racey Jayme Barnes for third. Jensen, Barnes and Rilat were the heat race winners.


Jason Solwold parked the Shaylen Raye Motorsports #18 in victory at Skagit Speedway for the first time on the year in the 410 division. Solwold was never seriously challenged over the course of the race, enjoying a full straightaway advantage for most of the contest. Tayler Malsam timed in the Rudeen Racing #26 the fastest and took second in the main with Kelsey Carpenter bringing home third. Carpenter won the heat race.


After twenty two years of racing, Geoff Needham finally climbed to the top of the mountain and won his first feature race in an open wheel car by leading every lap of the Sportsman Sprint feature. Needham endured multiple cautions and red flags, but never saw the front nose of a challenging car as he led all 25 laps. An emotional Needham, flanked by his family, thanked Steve Kilcup for fielding a car for him and helping him achieve his dream in Victory Lane. Lance Sargent came home second and Devin Barnes rallied up to third. Sargent was the quick qualifier on the night. Paul Burdick, Barnes and Ashley Lewellen won the heats with Bill Rude taking the B Main win.


Brandon Berg brought home the big cup, winning the Outlaw Tuner main event at the John Carroll Classic. The lead changed hands six times amongst four drivers in the main, with Berg able to keep his car clean in a physical battle up front en route to the victory. Matt Powers and Freddie Vela literally battled it out for second with Vela taking the spot and Powers relegated to third. Post race the two exchanged heated words in victory lane in a battle that will only get more intense as the season progresses. Berg and Gunderson were the heat race winners.


360 Sprints

Fast Time – Colton Heath 11.902

Heat 1 – Matt Jensen, Justin Youngquist, Colton Heath, Steve Vague, Steve Reeves, Lawrance Kirkham, Steve James

Heat 2 – Jayme Barnes, Tayler Malsam, Eric Fisher, Bud Ashe, Cale Brooke, Cory Samuelson, Michael Bollinger

Heat 3 – Travis Rilat, Nate Vaughn, Derek Roberts, Luke Didiuk, Travis Jacobson, Phil Schemenauer

Main – Colton Heath, Rilat, Malsam, Barnes, Fisher, Vague, Ashe, Vaughn, Bollinger, James, Schemenauer, Samuelson, Jensen, Jacobson, Brooke, Didiuk, Youngquist, Reeves, Kirkham

Lap Leaders – Heath 1-26


Sportsman Sprints

Fast Time – Lance Sargent 12.885

Heat 1 – Paul Burdick, Lance Sargent, Jake Helsel, Steve Parker, Ben Gunderson, Greg Otis, Brett McGhie, Lee Hornbeck

Heat 2 – Devin Barnes, James Bundy, Tyler Fox, Joe Lyon, Zach McCabe, Julian Fuentes, Clayton Sibley, Bill Rude

Heat 3 – Ashley Lewellen, Glenn Reinstra, Michael Hodel, Geoff Needham, Roger Oudman, Victoria Cantu, Trevor Cook

B Main – Bill Rude, McGhie, Otis, Sibley, Cook, Cantu, Fuentes

A Main – Geoff Needham, Sargent, Barnes, Otis, Bundy, Rude, Lyon, Hodel, McCabe, Fox, Gunderson, Oudman, Reinstra, Lewellen, Burdick, Parker, Helsel, McGhie

Lap Leaders – Needham 1-25


410 Sprints

Fast Time – Tayler Malsam 11.674

Heat – Kelsey Carpenter, Jason Solwold, Travis Rilat, Tayler Malsam, Matt Jensen

Main – Jason Solwold, Malsam, Carpenter, Rilat, Jensen

Lap Leaders – Solwold 1-25


Outlaw Tuners

Heat 1 – Jon Gunderson, Travis Meins, Jerry Desrosier, Dalton Taylor

Heat 2 – Brandon Berg, Clint Meins, Matt Powers, Dan Butenschoen

Main – Brandon Berg, Freddie Vela, Powers, C Meins, T Meins, Butenschoen, Gunderson, Desrosier, Taylor

Lap Leaders – Desrosier 1 T Meins 2-4 Desrosier 5-8 Vela 9 Desrosier 10 Vela 11-14 Berg 15-17



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