09/08/2010 By Hunter Thomas

DILLON, SC, September 8th, 2010: There racing was sensational in front of a huge crowd at ASA-sanctioned, Dillon Motor Speedway on Monday night.

The infield and grandstands were packed as the track welcomed  two first time winners this year. One driver won his second race in a row while another driver won his third race this year.

The UCAR/Bomber cars were the first to hit the track kicking off the Labor Day celebration. Tyler Howell and Josh Dean were side-by-side for most of the race. Howell led 11 laps while Dean led 9 laps. On Lap 12, Howell made an unbelievable save in turn four. Dean made the pass on Howell and captured his first win of the season. On the last lap, Tyler Howell and Alex Flemming got together coming out of the last turn. Both cars came to a halt up against the inside wall. Kayla Dean finished second, and Ryan Walsh finished third. Jason Beck finished fourth, and Tyler Howell rounded out the "top five."

Going into the Four Cylinder feature, Emory Herring had a seven point lead over Brian Owens in the points standings. The first caution came out on Lap 8 when Eric Green went for a spin in turn four. Green spun once more on Lap 12 in turn 2. Kevin Jackson went on to lead all of the 25 laps in route to his second victory of the year. David Barnes was the runner-up, and Mike Stafford finished third. Brian Owens gained a few points as he finished fourth and Emory Herring finished fifth.

The chaotic Street Stock race had fans on their feet. Before the field saw the first lap there was a four car pileup in turn one. The incident involved Chad Lockamy, Ricky Locklair Jr., Mike Jones, and Justin Altman. The field finally got one lap complete until the caution flew once more as the cars headed into turn one. On Lap 5, Bennie Lester went around bringing out the third caution. Dave Hutchinson and Mike Jones got collected trying to avoid the spinning car of Lester. Bennie Lester spun once more on Lap 8. On Lap 9, the fifth and final caution flew as Justin Altman spun in turn four collecting Dave Hutchinson.

AJ Hyatt won back-to-back races as he led all of the 25 laps on Monday night. Randy Hall finished third, and Hayes Goodson rounded out the "top three." Ricky Locklair Jr. finished fourth, and Neal Anderson finished fifth.

Up next was the Late Model race that had a $3,000 winner's purse. The race marked the fourth annual Labor Day event, but the first with 150 laps. On Lap 22, Hal Goodson retired from the race because his brakes locked up and the engine was sputtering. Goodson was  second at the time. Jason Calhoun led the first 37 laps until Michael Elliott went around him. The planned mandatory caution flew on Lap 75.

The drivers had a 15 minute break to get hydrated and time to make a few adjustments. When racing resumed, it was right back where the field left off as everyone was either side-by-side rubbing doors, or three wide slipping and sliding. The second caution came out on Lap 99 when a shower of sparks came from underneath Archie Adams Sr.'s car sending him into the turn one wall. The third and final caution came out on Lap 124 when Jason Calhoun left a trail of rear-end grease all over the track.

Michael Elliott led a phenomenal 113 laps in route to a $3,000 paycheck. Joe Heigl looked underneath Elliott a few times, but he couldn't complete the pass. Heigl had to settle for second. Jason Clark finished third, and Ben Stanton finished fourth. Archie Adams Jr. rounded out the "top five."

Before the huge fireworks show began, the Charger feature had their own sparks flying. On lap 1, there was a four car pile-up that included, Ernie Chappell, AJ Walsh, Marty Stewart, and Butch Calhoun. There were back-to-back-to-back cautions on Lap 13. The first one came out when Cody McKenzie and William Haniey got together in turn three. They were running fourth and fifth at the time. The second one came out because of a sloppy restart, and the third one came out when Gene McDonald spun in turn one.

The top four finishers were bump-to-bumper in the closing laps. Bobby June Captured his third win of the year, and Kent Harper finished second. Chad Webster finished right behind Harper in third followed by William Haniey in fourth. Marty Stewart overcame the Lap 1 crash to finish fifth.

Make your plans to attend ASA-sanctioned, Dillon Motor Speedway on Saturday, September 18th for the Dillon Herald 200. The Four Cylinders, Street Stocks, Chargers, UCAR/Bombers, Mini Cup, Ford Flatheads, and Super Trucks will be racing.
For more information, visit, the Facebook and Twitter page, or call the racing hotline, 843-774-1888. Race you there!

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