09/11/2011 By Jim Short

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2011) – Mark Shackleford closed a championship season in championship style Saturday night at Orange Show Speedway.

Shackleford, of Riverside, Calif., had clinched his third Super Late Model title two weeks ago and few in a crowd of approximately 2,000 spectators would have been critical if he had simply gone for a late evening drive. Instead, he started his Bud’s Tire and Wheel/Luke’s Transmissions Chevrolet on the pole and stayed there for all 50 laps around the paved quarter-mile oval.

He had to work hard at it, too, because Aug. 6 race winner Stephen Peace’s Ford Fusion was glued to Shackleford’s rear bumper for 25 laps before fading slightly at the finish. Peace tried several times to get Shackleford loose and get the inside line coming off Turn 4, but never got alongside the winner.

The next race, a 20-lap boat drag, had contestants driving over, around and through each other and littering the infield with debris until the checkered flag waved and Matt Kosier was declared the winner. That brought an entertaining program to a close a few minutes before midnight.

Brandon Loverock, whose most recent race had ended with the front end of his Toyota Camry/Chevrolet destroyed against the Turn 1 wall, resumed his domination of the Late Model class by winning for the sixth time in eight starts. Loverock, who started third, stalked pole-sitter Matt Goodwin for the first 10 laps, took the lead on lap 12 and stayed in front of Goodwin to the finish of the 40-lap feature.

Jim Mardis won for the third time in as many starts in the Pony Stock class by holding off Erik Spring and John Soares over the final 20 laps of their 30-lap main event. Mardis, of Moreno Valley, Calif., started fifth in the 18-car field, but had moved into second by lap 5 and took the lead from Spring on a restart after a caution flag on lap 10.

Spring, the points leader, retired with mechanical issues five laps from the end and finished 14th. Soares, who had missed qualififying and started last, stayed close over those final five laps, but never got in a position to attempt a pass, then was disqualified for failing post-race technical inspection.

Donny Rudd, of Riverside, Calif., started his Chevrolet Malibu on the pole and led all 30 laps to claim his first main event victory in the Stock Car USA class despite being pressured by points leader Steven Clark over the final 20 laps.

Danny Gutierrez, of Redlands, Calif., also got his third win of the year in the Factory Four main event. Gutierrez, who started fifth, took the top spot away from points leader Tony Forfa III on lap 7 of 30 and was able to motor on to a relatively easy win while Dan French, Forfa and Dwayne Blay battled for second.

Jesse Lawson made it two wins in two races as a fill-in for his dad, Jeff Lawson, in the 30-lap Super Stock main event. Lawson got the lead from pole-sitter Johnny Russo after a caution flag on lap 7 and was able to hold off class leader Steve Smith on two more caution flag restarts to win by 0.545 seconds.

Brent Scheidemantle, of Alta Loma, Calif., completed a sweep of the two-race weekend for the Legends Cars by winning Saturday’s 30-lap main over Matt Hicks and Ryan Cansdale and Hicks went home with the class championship. Scheidemantle won six of his eight starts at the track.

The Bandoleros finale went to Ricky Schlick of Claremont, Calif., who won three times this season, and the championship went to Mikael Lovas of Menifee, Calif., who finished third. The race produced the scariest moment of the night when Ricky Lewis of Oxnard crashed hard into the retaining wall exiting Turn 2. After several minutes Lewis was able to climb from his car, but he was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center after complaining of neck and back pain.

The next races on the California Speed Jams schedule are on Oct. 1.

At Orange Show Speedway
Race Results
Saturday, September 10, 2011
SUPER LATE MODELS (50 laps) – 1. Mark Shackleford, Riverside, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 2. Stephen Peace, El Cajon, Ford Fusion; 3. Matt Hicks, Lakeside, Dodge Charger/Chevrolet; 4. Travis Stockman, Highland, Monte Carlo; 5. Tony Edwards, Big Bear Lake, Monte Carlo; 6. Dave Scheidecker, Rialto, Monte Carlo; 7. Gary Rodriguez, Bonita, Monte Carlo; 8. Dee Cable, Santee, Monte Carlo; 9. Glen Cummings, Highland, Monte Carlo; 10. Jered King, Hesperia, Monte Carlo; 11. Anthony Mainella, Lancaster, Monte Carlo; 12. Barry Karr, Redlands, Monte Carlo; 13. Dennis Stout, Riverside, Chevrolet Impala.
            Margin of victory – 0.382 seconds. Average speed – 29.265 mph. Fast qualifier – Peace, 13.044 seconds/68.997 mph.

LATE MODELS (40 laps) – 1. Brandon Loverock, Highland, Toyota Camry/Chevrolet; 2. Matt Goodwin, Wildomar, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 3. Jim Conklin, Big Bear City, Monte Carlo; 4. Jesse Lawson, Big Bear City, Chevrolet Impala; 5. Brian Jackson, San Bernardino, Dodge Charger/Chevrolet; 6. Jameel Saied, Shadow Hills, Ford Taurus; 7. Jacob Bishop, Vista, Impala; 8. Shawn Rizzone, Colton, Monte Carlo; 9. Stan Chatwood, Bloomington, Monte Carlo; 10. Jered King, Hesperia, Monte Carlo.
            Margin of victory – 1.227 seconds. Average speed – 33.957 mph. Fast qualifier – Loverock, 13.414/67.094.

PONY STOCKS (30 laps) – 1. Jim Mardis, Moreno Valley, Ford Piinto; 2. Kevin Meador, San Bernardino, Pinto; 3. Larry McCray, Corona, Pinto; 4. Evan McCray, Riverside, Pinto; 5. Jack Hughes, Beaumont, Pinto; 6. Joe Fernandez, Fontana, Pinto; 7. Darrell Kelsoe, San Bernardino, Pinto; 8. Josh Hodges, Adelanto, Piinto; 9. Bud Smith, Orange, Pinto; 10. Kevin Myrick, Tustin, Pinto;
11. Steve Patterson, Riverside, Pinto; 12. Nevada Chovan, Rialto, Pinto; 13. Erik Spring, Beaumont, Pinto; 14. Jeremy Perez, Chino, Pinto; 15. Lucas McCray, Corona, Pinto; 16. Roger Gates, Beaumont, Piinto; 17. Sean Spencer, Riverside, Pinto.
            Margin of victory – 0.879 seconds. Average speed – 11.775 mph. Fast qualifier – Mardis, 14.802/60.803.

FACTORY FOURS (30 laps) – 1. Dan Gutierrez, Redlands, Toyota; 2. Dan French, Claremont, Toyota; 3. Tony Forfa III, Redlands, BMW 318i; 4. Greg France, Alta Loma, Toyota; 5. Dwayne Blay, Riverside, Toyota; 6. Tommy Reed, Riverside, Toyota; 7. Victor Garcia, San Bernardino, Toyota; 8. Gary McLaughlin, Garden Grove, Toyota; 9. Tony Forfa Jr., Redlands, Ford Courier; 10. John Long, Yorba Linda, Toyota; 11. Robert Heflin, Homeland, Toyota.  
            Margin of victory – 2.284 seconds. Average speed – 41.728 mph. Fast qualifier – French, 16.087/55.946.

SUPER STOCKS (30 laps) – 1. Jesse Lawson, Big Bear City, Chevrolet Camaro; 2. Steve Smith, San Bernardino, Chevrolet Nova; 3. Kyle Meyer, Highland, Chevrolet Nova; 4. Johnny Russo, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 5. Cliff Conklin, Big Bear Lake, Camaro; 6. Jerome Gipson, Highland, Nova; 7. Mike Meyer, Highland, Camaro.
            Margin of victory – 0.545 seconds. Average speed – 27.825 mph. Fast qualifier – Smith, 14.604/61.627.

STOCK CARS USA (30 laps ) – 1. Donny Rudd, Riverside, Chevrolet Malibu; 2. Steven Clark, Riverside, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 3. Tom Whitson, Riverside, Chevrolet Chevelle; 4. Scott Groom, Anaheim, Chevelle; 5. Dave Foster, Riverside, Monte Carlo; 6. Mark Fletchall, Riverside, Chevelle; 7. Dave Vreatt, Riverside, Monte Carlo; 8. Brian Fenton, Hesperia, Chevrolet Caprice; 9. Stephanie Estes, Riverside, Chevrolet Nova; 10. Brian Maza, Glendora, Chevrolet Camaro; 11. Bruce Secord, Oak Hills, Monte Carlo.
            Margin of victory – 0.322 seconds. Average speed – 18.757 mph. Fast qualifier – Clark, 15.067/59.733.

LEGENDS CARS (30 laps) – 1. Brent Scheidemantle, Alta Loma, ’34 Ford; 2. Matt Hicks, Lakeside, ’34 Ford; 3. Austin Reed, Bakersfield, ’37 Chevrolet; 4. Todd Hunsaker, Chino Hills, ’40 Ford; 5. Ryan Cansdale, Laguna Beach, ’34 Ford; 6. Derek Lacey, Tustin, ’34 Ford; 7. Parker Malone, Redlands, ’42 Ford; 8. Chancellor Tiscareno, Menifee, ’37 Chevrolet.
            Margin of victory – 0.386 seconds. Average speed – . Fast qualifier – Schiedemantle, 14.611/61.597.
                        FRIDAY’S RACE (30 laps) – 1. Scheidemantle; 2. Hicks; 3. Cansdale; 4.  Reed; 5. Malone; 6. Lacey; 7. Hunsaker; 8. Tiscareno.
            Margin of victory – 4.705 seconds. Average speed – 61.651 mph.

BANDOLEROS (25 laps) – 1. Ricky Schlick, Claremont; 2. Ian Wesolowski, Canyon Lake; 3. Mikael Lovas, Menifee; 4. Troy Wesolowski, Canyon Lake; 5. Blaine Perkins, Bakersfield; 6. Case Brinksma, Claremont; 7. Matthew Davey, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.; 8. Tanner Cervantes, Hemet; 9. Ricky Lewis, Oxnard.
            Margin of victory – 0.345 seconds. Average speed – 28.798 mph. Fast qualifier – Lovas, 14.997/60.012.
            FRIDAY’S RACE (25 laps) – 1. Lovas; 2. Schlick; 3. Lewis; 4. I. Wesolowski; 5. Perkins; 6. Brinksma; 7. T. Wesolowski; 8. Davey; 9. Cervantes.
Margin of victory – 0.778 seconds. Average speed – 23.817 mph.

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