05/06/2012 By Kelly Hart

On the night when the full moon as close to the earth as it is going to be all year the racing at Skagit Speedway featured some BIG wins of its own. New to winners circle were Travis Jacobson and Dylan Dunham while Rick Young and Trevor Turnbull made their second visits.
Kicking off the evening were time trials for the 410 and 360 Sprints. Setting fast time in both divisions were Trevor Turnbull with an 11.702 in the 360 Sprints and Chad Hillier in the 410 Sprints with an 11.176 second lap.
For the 410 Sprint heats Travis Jacobson and Brock Lemley were winners. Jacobson split the 1st and 3rd place cars heading into turn one to take away the lead. In the main event, Jacobson beat Hillier into the corner and was never headed. With a few yellows and a red Jacobson never encountered much traffic in gaining his first win on the season. Eric Fisher and Barry Martinez put on a spirited battle for second and third with Liam Ryan and Jonathan Jorgenson rounding out the top 5.
Winning the 360Sprint heats were Turnbull and Cameron Smith. Kenny Rutz led the first 5 laps of the 360 Main event with Turnbull in two as the drivers got into heavy traffic early. Turbull passed Rutz on the sixth lap to take the lead with Rutz keeping pace as the two dove in an out of traffic. Rutz had to dive low and got the car on the apron smacking the front stretch barrier and folding over the front end ending his night. From there no one seriously challenged Turnbull who won his second main event of the season.
Earning heat race wins in the Sportsman Sprint division were Steve Parker, James Bundy and Cory Swatzina. Numerous crashes and mechanical failures ended the night prematurely for some of the competitors. Point leader Derek Roberts smacked the turn 3 wall in the warm up lap ending his night. Early race leader Bundy and Tyler Fox were battling for the lead when they made contact sending both end over end finishing their night. The crash also claimed Cory Swatzina. Dylan Dunham inherited the lead and survived one other roll over, this from Victoria Cantu to claim his first main event win of the year.
In the Outlaw Hornet class Matt Powers and Matt Ploeg were the heat race winners. Rick Young dove under the two front row cars heading into turn one and then held off a late race charge from Matt Powers for his second win of the season.
410 Sprints
Fast time Chad Hillier 11.176
Heat 1 Brock Lemley, Hillier, Eric Fisher, Kevin Smith, Alec Covert
Heat 2 Travis Jacobson, Jonathan Jorgenson, Liam Ryan, Barry Martinez, Josh Edson
Main Travis Jacobson, Fisher, Martinez, Ryan, Jorgenson, Edson, Lemley, Smith, Covert, Hillier
Lap Leaders Jacobson 1-25
Hard Charger Liam Ryan +4 positions gained
360 Sprints
Fast time Trevor Turnbull 11.702
Heat 1 Trevor Turnbull, Michael Harris, Hillier, Jorgenson, Justin Youngquist
Heat 2 Cameron Smith, Kelsey Carpenter, Kenny Rutz, Alan Munn, Luke Didiuk
Main Trevor Turnbull, Hillier, Youngquist, Harris, Smith, Carpenter, Munn, Ashe, Jason Bloodgood, Matt Jensen, Steve James, Colton Akerstrom, Cody Ridge, Rutz, Didiuk
Lap Leaders Rutz 1-5, Turnbull 6-20
Hard Charger Justin Youngquist +5 positions gained
Sportsman Sprints
Heat 1 Steve Parker, Tyler Fox, Rob Schroder, Zach McCabe, Paul Hopkins
Heat 2 James Bundy, Clayton Sibley, Dylan Dunham, Victoria Cantu, Dave Mead
Heat 3 Cory Swatzina, Derek Roberts, Ben Gunderson, Cale Brooke, Ray Parker
Main Dylan Dunham, Schroder, S.Parker, Gunderson, R.Parker, Sibley, McCabe, Brooke, Ashley Lewellen, Wes Tyra Mead, Cantu, Hopkins, Bundy, Swatzina, Fox
Lap Leaders Parker 1, Bundy 2-3, Dunham 4-20
Hard Charger Zach McCabe +9 positions gained
Outlaw Hornets
Heat 1 Matt Ploeg, Rick Young, Cliff Ballenger, Patrick Adams, Howard Vos
Heat 2 Matt Powers, Brian Michelson, Greg Hibma, Jon Edwards, Stephanie Bailey
Main Rick Young, Powers, Hibma, Wade Swatzina, Ploeg, Vos, Tom Warner, Brandon Berg, Clint Meins, Becky Boudreau, Cliff Ballenger, Bren Futrelle, Michelson, Adams, Bailey, Edwards, Tina Thibert
Lap Leaders Young 1-17
Hard Charger Greg Hibma +13 positions gained

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