09/16/2012 By Kelly Hart

Skagit Speedway, an ASA Member track, crowned 4 brand new track champions Saturday night. Eric Fisher is the 410 Sprint champion, Trevor Turnbull the 360 Sprint Champion, Steve Parker won his second Sportsman Sprint Championship and Freddie Vela is the lone repeat winner with his second straight Outlaw Hornet Champion.
Winning main events on Scrap-It Steel Recycling Championship Night were Turnbull leading flag to flag for the 25-lap 360 Sprint car main. Steve Parker won the Sportsman Main event. In the Outlaw Hornets the winner was Freddie Vela. Winning the final main event of the evening for the 410 Sprints was Chad Hillier.
The big late season crowd was treated to a huge fireworks show at the conclusion of racing action. Next Saturday night, September 22nd is the final event of 2012 with Sportsman Sprints, Outlaw Hornets, Pick Up Demo Derby and Mr. Dizzy Mercedes Benz jump. Grandstands open at 5:30pm with racing at 7:00pm after opening ceremonies.
360 Fast time Cody Ridge 12.326
410 Scramble Eric Fisher, Chad Hillier, Kevin Smith
360 Scramble Alan Munn, Trevor Turnbull, Justin Youngquist
Sportsman Scramble Steve Parker, Cory Swatzina, Derek Roberts
Outlaw Hornet Scramble Freddie Vela, Rick Young, Cliff Ballenger
360 Main – Trevor Turnbull, Alan Munn, Kenny Rutz, Kelsey Carpenter, Bud Ashe, Randy Price. Steven James, Matt Jensen, Rod Perkins, Tyler Anderson, Luke Didiuk, Shane Vaillant, Ozzie McGee, Justin Youngquist, Cody Ridge, Lawrence Kirkham
Sportsman Sprint Main -  Steve Parker, Cory Swatzina, Derek Roberts, Zach McCabe, Dylan Dunham, Skyler Pawlawicz, Roger Oudman, Bill Rude, Rob Schroder, Ben Gunderson, Clayton Sibley, Cale Brooke, Ashley Lewellen, Ray Parker, Colton Heath, Curtis Clark, Eric Thibert, Tyler Fox
Outlaw Hornets – Freddie Vela, Cliff Ballenger, Rick Young, Tyler Ketchum, Clint Meins, Jon Gunderson, Brian Michelson, Howard Vos, Zeth Custer, Matt Powers, Brandon Berg, Matt Ploeg, Tina Thibert, Patrick Adams, Stephanie Bailey, Jon Edwards, Rich Fry, Ben Gunderson, Becky Boudreau, Mark E. Toth II
410 Sprints – Chad Hillier, Eric Fisher, Jesse Whitney, Jonathan Jorgenson, Kevin Smith, Alec Covert, Kelleigh Johnson, Travis Jacobson, Toni Lutar
Photo credit Robert G Hunter
410 Champions – (left to right) Freddy Vela/Outlaw Hornets, Trevor Turnbull/360 Sprints, Eric Fisher/410 Sprints, Steve Parker/Sportsman Sprints

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