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09/16/2012 By Chase Brashears

Gatlin gets tenth victory at LPR in final Late Model feature of 2012.

Jeff Woodward laid down the fastest time in Qualifying, to put his #94 Ford Fusion on point for the 60-lap Late Model feature.

The green-flag was out and pole qualifier Jeff Woodward and second place Brian Blevins were battling hard for the top spot, Woodward finally cleared Blevins (#40) on the fifth circuit. Ronnie McCarty and the 2012 LPR track champion Lance Gatlin were battling hard for third place real-estate allowing the leaders (Woodward and Blevins) to pull away. With no pressure from behind Blevins charged hard up to Woodward as the two battled "neck and neck," but Woodward would once again over-power the #40 Chevrolet Impala of Brian Blevins.

With the battle up front sorted put Ronnie McCarty was still "working on" the #97 of Lance Gatlin. McCarty got around Gatlin taking Ryan Stiltner with him on the inside. Jeff Woodward began to lose ground quickly allowing the 40 of Blevins, 22 of Stiltner, 5 of McCarty, and the 97 of Gatlin to pass.

By halfway (lap-30) the top five cars had caught lap-traffic, and the lap vehicles were not making it easy as the top cars were battling to lap the #44 of Jody Bostic and the #51 of Willie Gibson. Gatlin knew that it was "time to go" and began to reel in on the bumper of the #5. after a hard-fought battle with Ronnie McCarty, Gatlin cleared McCarty on lap-50 (nine to go). Up to third place, Gatlin had his sights set on second place Ryan Stiltner (#22). Gatlin (#97) drove hard into turn one, getting to the inside of Stiltner in the middle of (turns) one and two, and clearing him coming off turn two and onto the backstretch. With five laps to go the 97 of Gatlin was closing in on the leader (Brian Blevins, #40). With only three laps to go, Gatlin cleared Brain Blevins and drove to his tenth Late Model victory of 2012 at Lonesome Pine Raceway.

-Congratulations to Lance Gatlin on his 2012 LPR Late Model Championship!


The Mod-4 championship was on the line Saturday at Lonesome Pine Raceway, between the 17 of Brad Ball and the 88 of Joshua Gobble. Ball and Gobble were tied for first place in the Mod-4 championship standings, meaning the highest finisher of the two would win the title.

Joshua Gobble had the fastest time in Qualifying, but after an invert of two, Freddie Taylor, Jr. in the #16 was on point.

In a race that meant so much in terms of title hopes, the field took the green-flag and the 16 of Freddie Tayolr, Jr. jumped to the lead. Now it was time to settle the championship, Josua Gobble was running second with Brad Ball running fourth. Ball finally cleared Kirby Gobble for third place and began to gain ground on young Joshua Gobble. Ball cleared Gobble but Gobble was not giving up, charge back on the bumper of the #17.

Racing hard for third-place just after halfway on lap-16, David Brown (#12) and Kirby Gobble (#98) tangled on the backstretch, sending the #12 backwards into the inside wall. After repairs were made to the #12 of Brown, the driver showed his displeasure with Gobble tagging him under while the field was still under caution. Officials calmed to two drivers and the field was set to go back green. Freddie Taylor, Jr. once again jumped to the lead, allwoing Ball and Gobble to continue their battle for sencond-place and the Mod-4 title, Ball once again over-took 16 year old, Joshua Gobble.

Freddie Taylor, Jr. had just taken the white-flag (last lap) when the #9 of Kevin Canter spun off of turn two and getting tagged by the #7 of Ron Hensley. Taylor took the checkered followed by Ball and Gobble.

Brad Ball finishing one position (second place) ahead of Joshua Gobble claimed the 2012 Mod-4 Championship.

-Street Stock:

After an invert of two, Rob Austin was on point. Rob Austin had a little room over second place Roger Neece when the caution waved on the second lap. The Street Stock field was set for the restart and Roger Neece in the #22 quickly jumped to the lead over the #25 of Rob Austin.

The yellow-flag waved again on lap ten, for smoke coming from the 00 of James Owens. Owens' car was diagnosed as o.k. to continue by LPR officials. Roger Neece had no competition as he jumped back to the lead on the restart. Joey Sykes in the #23 machine and Rob Austin (#25) were door-to-door lap-19 for second place. Sykes had the inside line and could power to the inside of Austin entering the corner, but Rob Austins' #25 machine on the outside line could accelerate faster and pull the 23 off the corner. Sykes finally cleared the #25 Camaro of Austin. Roger Neece drove to the victory in the final Street Stock points race of 2012.

Roger Neece also claimed the 2012 LPR Street Stocks victory.


After an invert of two, fastest qualifier John Ketron was placed in second place with the #9 of Keith Hilton on point. John Ketron #26, was not going to let the invert effect his race passing the #9 on lap two. With a large field of 21 cars, the leaders began to catch traffice early on lap four. The 20-lap Pure-4 race was caution free until lap-13 when the #38 and the #20 tangled in turn-two, sending the #38 machine of Derek Penley spinning. Both the #38 and the #20 were placed at the rear of the field for bring out the yellow-flag.

John Ketron (#26) and Keith Hilton (#9) continued to battle for first place after the restart. John Ketron passed Keith Hilton on lap-16 and was un-touched driving to the victory in the Pure-4 division.


Rusty Ratliff was on the pole after the invert of two for the 20-lap Renegade race, with Scottie Hurley (fastest qualifier) on the outside. Caution waved on lap five when the #83 of Jennifer Prater spun in turn-two. The #83 was able to continue without damage from the spin. Mike Breeding quickly took the lead after the restart over the #9 of Rusty Ratliff. Third place Scottie Hurley made hard contact with the outside backstretch wall, ending his night in the Renegade division. Mike Breeding drove to the win in dominant fashion at LPR.

-Iron Warriors:

Rannie Breeding was to the lead on lap three in the 20-lap Iron Warrior feature, but Mike Breeding (#69) was going to have something to say about that, taking the lead on lap six. The two (#69,#1) continued to battle for the top spot, with Rannie Breeding powering back to the lead. Rannie Breeding driving the #1 Chevrolet Impala drove to his eleventh Iron Warrior victory of 2012.

-Pure-4 2012 Non-Winners race:

The 20-lap non-winners race was underway but only 3/4 of a lap was completed when the caution was displayed for a crash involing the #4, #94, #22, and #65 at the exit of turn four. The field was set for a complete restart because a full lap was not completed before the caution. Pole-sitter Darrell Hayes (#00) began to lose ground quickly after the restart, getting "freight trained" back to seventh position.

Caution was out again on lap eight when the #52 of Marcus Duty, Jr. lost a front wheel in between turns one and two. Ketron brother (#26 Billy and #28 Jason) were at the front of the field when the green-flag waved for the restart. The two brothers continued to battle side-by-side in the Pure-4 non-winners race, with #94 Chris Neely running third. Lap traffic on lapo-16 allowed the #26 to clear the #28. The #26 of Billy Ketron took the checkered flag after a hard fought battle with his brother.

-Late Model Crew Chief Challenge:

Kirby Gobble was on point for the 20-lap crew chief race and was setting the pace over the other Late Model crew chiefs until caution waved on lap-7 for debri. Gobble was forced to pit after cutting down a tire, and forcing him to the rear of the field for the restart. Kirby Gobble driving Ryan Stiltners' #22 Chevrolet Impala was charging hard through the field and was up to second place with five laps remaining. Gobble was unable to pass the #94 of Brian Blevins (Jeff Woodwards crew member). Blevins drove to the victory over Kirby Gobble, and Mark Ketron.

-Results for 9/15/15:

-Late Model:

1 4 97 Lance Gatlin New Market, Tn 50.00
2 6 22 Ryan Stiltner , Va 48.00
3 3 5 Ronnie Mccarty - 46.00
4 1 94 Jeffery Woodward Rosedale , Va 44.00
5 5 17 Kevin Wolfe Abingdon , Va 42.00
6 8 75 Steve Wright Bristol , Va 40.00
7 10 51 William Gibson Abingdon , Va 38.00
8 9 44 Jody Bostic Vansant , Va 36.00
9 7 18 Derek Woodward Rosedale , Va 34.00
10 2 40 Brian Blevins Coeburn , Va 0.00
-DQ: #40 Brain Blevins


1. 16 Freddie Taylor Jr.
2. 17 Brad Ball
3. 88 Joshua Gobble
4. 98 Kirby Gobble
5. 13 Hershel Robinette
6. 24 Chase Brashears
7. 10 Ryan Turner
8. 77 Mike Brooks
9. 9 Kevin Canter
10. 7 Ron Hensley
11. 12 David Brown
12. 31 Carey Brown

-Street Stock:

1. 22 Roger Neece
2. 23 Joey Sykes
3. 25 Rob Austin
4. 27 Tommy Hess
5. 00 James Owens
6. 4 David Brown
7. 08 Keith Stiltner


1. 26 John Ketron
2. 33 John McClanahan
3. 28 Jason Ketron
4. 94 Tom Hodges
5. 57 David Trent
6. 83 Tim Presley
7. 65 James Mills
8. 4 Andrew Mullins
9. 44 B.C. Penley
10. 38 Derek Penley
11. 13 Nasty Jones
12. 20 Billy Presley
13. 77 DeWayne Mullins
14. 00 Darrell Hayes
15. 22 Jason Yates
16. 2 Kenneth "Nugget" Street
17. 52 Marcus Duty Jr.
18. 3 Marty Shause
19. 0 Rodney Hayes
20. 88 Dan Hall

-DQ: #9 Keith Hilton


1. 69 Mike Breeding
2. 9 Rusty Ratliff
3. 33 Iggy Greer
4. 31 David Stiltner
5. 2 Larry Helbert
6. 83 Jennifer Prater
7. 14 Scottie Hurley

-Iron Warriors:

1. 1 Rannie Breeding
2. 9 Cody Owens
3. 11 Jamie Meadows
4. 69 Mike Breeding
5. 4 Chad Bare
6. 10 Brandon Coffey
7. 36 Frog Artrip
8. 8 Wiley Holbrook

-Pure-4 2012 Non-Winners race:

1. 26 Billy Ketron
2. 28 Jason Ketron
3. 94 Chris Neeley
4. 83 Tim Presley
5. 57 David Trent
6. 44 B.C. Penley
7. 00 Darrell Hayes
8. 77 DeWayne Mullins
9. 2 Kenneth Street
10. 0 Rodney Hayes
11. 3 Marty Shouse
12. 52 Marcus Duty Jr.
13. 22 Jason Yates
14. 65 James Mills
15. 4 Andrew Mullins

-Late Model Crew Chief Challenge:

1. 94 Brian Blevins
2. 22 Kriby Gobble
3. 5 Mark Ketron
4. 17 George Wolfe
5. 51 Chris Watkins
6. 75 Jack Wagner

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